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Landscapes have long been my favourite. Since moving to Spain new opportunities have presented themselves as the country is so different to rural England where I lived before.


People – the hardest subject of all! I tend to find children great subjects as they are un-selfconscious and often just can’t help but make me smile with their antics.


Animals – anything from my pet dog Tipsy to natural history and zoos. Opportunities for wild animals shots here in Spain seem far more limited than in the UK where I was able to find all manner of wildlife.

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I hate travel but love visiting different parts of the world! My last major trips were to Iceland and back to the UK and a part of Britain I’d not visited before.

Post Processing

Post processing and manipulation in Photoshop is often a highly contentious subject amongst photographers. However I thoroughly enjoy it and think it is every bit as valid as purist photography.


OK, so I’m cheating! I couldn’t think of a sixth category not covered by the others here.